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TVC Pro-Driver 4885 CDL Protection

SKU: $97.70
The TVC Prodriver Membership Enrollment fee is $97.70. This Enrollment fee includes a first and last month of $48.85.
For $48.85 a month, drafted each month from your credit card or bank account, you receive:

Pro-Driver 4885 CDL Protection
(Commercial Vehicle Coverages)
PLAN COVERS Member only in the US & Canada, in any motor vehicle licensed for highway use.



Attorney Fees - 1st and 2nd tickets
FREE, 3rd ticket $25; and $50 for the 4th ticket and every ticket thereafter.
CASH APPEARANCE BOND $200 for Moving or Non-Moving Tickets.
PRE-EXISTING TICKETS Traffic violation representation provided for $295 handling fee per citation issued prior to or 10 days after enrollment date. ($395 if the ticket is received in the home office 5 or less business days before the court date)
SERIOUS TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS Representation for criminal charges of manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter or negligent homicide.
$5,000 POLICE BAIL BOND Up to $5,000 Bail Bond should you be charged with covered Vehiclular Manslaughter violations.
ALL OTHER LEGAL MATTERS Any legal matter that is not specifically covered can be covered under the 25% discount service.
DISCOUNT SERVICES Prescriptions - Eye Care - Discount Shopping Network - Hotel/Motel - Grocery Coupons - Emergency Roadside Dispatch.
DRIVERS LICENSE PROTECTION Up to 2 hours of attorneys time for protection of your right to drive and (in case of accident) for recovery of damages & personal injury expenses.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT SERVICE Representation for criminal charges due to a traffic accident.
TERM Month-to-Month (Bank Draft or Credit Card).
Personal Passenger Vehicle Coverage
Your Motor Club Plan Covers The Motor Club covers you and your spouse living in the same household.

Emergency Towing Service

Pays for towing to the nearest servicing facility.
Emergency Road Service Pays reasonable charges to get your car started, fix flat tires, gas, jumps, unlocks etc.

Reimbursement for Emergency Travel and Living Expenses* Up to $750.00 for local lodging and meals, transportation and rental car if your car is disabled as a result of an auto accident more than 100 miles from your home..
Custom Maps and Trip Routing Service Step by Step computerized Mapping services free of charge to members.
Car Rental Discounts Discounts on car rentals at thousands of rental locations.
New Car Pricing and Referral Service Discount Saves members up to $1,000 on a new car purchase.
Lawyers Services for New Car Warranty** Up to $250 for your lawyers fees upon the enforcement of a valid written warranty.
$5,000 Theft Reward Paid for information leading to the conviction and arrest of anyone stealing your car.
Lawyer's Representation for Moving Traffic Violations** Pays for an attorney to represent you in the court of original jurisdiction for covered moving violations.

25% Legal Discount Referral service to law firms who will provide you with a 25% discount off their normal legal fees.

Collection Service for Damages to Your Car**

Up to $250 for attorney fees when collection is made for damages to your car.

Lawyers Services for Auto Manslaughter & Auto Assault and Battery Defense** Representation against charges of manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, or negligent homicide.

$500 Arrest Bond Certificate Your Motor Club membership card may be used in lieu of cash bail up to $500.
Reimbursement for Bail Bond Premium** Up to $325 reimbursement of the cost of a bail bond if you are detained for motor vehicle violations.
Special Motor Club Personal Auto Accident Insurance Up to $2,500 for loss of life, limb or sight. Up to $5,000 after 24 months.
Ambulance Service* Up to $100 for ambulance service from the scene of an automobile accident.
Service Contract, ID Card, Emblem Fulfillment kit with all of the important information you need as a member.

* These services not available in Texas per legislation.
** In California coverages provided by Insurance Underwriter.