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SBCA Green Motor Club Plan $42.90

SKU: $85.80 $85.80
The $85.80 Activation fee includes a first and last month of $42.90. For $42.90 drafted each month from your credit card or bank account you receive: Personal Passenger Vehicle & RV Coverages for member, member's spouse and dependent children under the age of 19 years living in the same household; dependent children up to 23 years with primary residence in the same household, is considered a full time student at an accredited university and is in a private passenger vehicle or RV licensed for highway use. For CDL coverage, go to 4885 Pro-driver Plan. UNLIMITED EMERGENCY 100 MILE TOWING SERVICE: Pays for towing to the destination or you choice up to 100 miles in a personal passenger vehicle or up to $100 for towing of a recreational vehicle. EMERGENCY ROAD SERVICE: Pays reasonable charges to get your vehicle started, fix flat tires, jump starts & unlocks. LOCAL LAWYER REPRESENTATION FOR MOVING TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS: Pays for a provider attorney to represent you in the court of original jurisdiction for covered moving violations such as speeding, improper lance change, failure to obey Traffic Sign, following too close, Illegal U Turn, improper turn and many others. ADDITIONAL LEGAL DISCOUNTS: Covers member and member's spouse if living in the same household. These services are provided by provider attorneys INDIVIDUAL AND PERSONAL MATTERS: HOURLY DISCOUNTED RATES: Referral to a Provider Attorneys a $75 per hour for out-of-court representation. 25% LEGAL DISCOUNT: Referral to a provider attorney to provide a 25% discount off their normal hourly legal fees. DISCOUNTED SERVICES: Referral to a Provider Attorney for: 1.) Telephone consultation on covered separate legal matter. 2.) Letter written onlyour behalf for covered legal matters. 3.) Simple Will.